Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad Update

Been texting with my Dad today, he's finally feeling a bit better... this chemo has really taken alot out of him. He's starting to lose his hair (as expected). I told him that at least its only temporary. He's also lost a huge amount of weight... from 230 to 195.. 35 lbs in a few months. He says things just don't taste good anymore. I remember when he had cancer in the 90's that it altered his taste buds, but I keep telling him he has to eat. With his diabetes he needs to keep his blood sugar levels good and not eating is not a good way of doing that. The one good thing is that the cancer/tumors are reacting to the chemo. He's only had one treatment so far and the doctors are  very happy with the progress of the shrinkage of his tumors... according to my Dad they may only do one more treatment. So I guess will just wait and see.

Going to be going to on Sunday for Father's Day. Now sure he'll feel up for doing much but at least we can hang out and watch TV.


  1. Glad to hear the treatments are making progress. Yep. He definitely needs to keep his blood sugar levels good. Doesn't want to end up in the hospital for that on top of everything else. Hope the next treatment goes good as well and adds to the progress being made already.

  2. Glad to hear the treatments are working! That's great news. Can't ask for a much better Father's Day present now can you?

  3. Have a great day with your dad.