Monday, June 13, 2011

Dad Update

So it's been a few weeks since I have updated you guys on my Dad's on going battle with cancer. He got his first chemo treatment a few weeks ago and was sick for a few days but then felt fine. I saw him a week ago for my nephews birthday party and he looks in good spirits, the swelling in his face had gone down and his appetite had returned. He also said that the tumors were shrinking (just by his observation).

Well I talked to him today and he's not feeling so hot, though the chemo was a few weeks ago it's started to take a toll on his body and he's extremely sick and he's eating very little, which is bad news since he's diabetic and needs to control his blood sugar levels.

He has several doctor appointments towards the end of this week and the doctors will determined if they will start radiation as well as chemo to give it the 1 2 punch or if they are happy with the results of just the chemo they may opt not to do radiation. So will know more at the end of this week. His next chemo treatment isn't for another few weeks. I just hope we get good news and this treatment is actually shrinking the tumors and preventing the cancer from spreading... only time will tell.