Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hanging with Greg Aronowitz

After recording my Doctor Who podcast I headed down to the Barnyard to hangout with my buddy Greg Aronowitz. If you don't know who Greg is, he's a special effects artist and design specialist who has contributed to over two hundred films and television projects. He's made action figures, busts and so much more. He's now directing and writing his own movies. You can check out his IMDB page HERE

Various Props Greg has made for The Guild
We meet a few years back while working on The Guild together and became fast friends as we are both very big geeks. Anyways I actually went over to interview him for The Guild season five companioncasts and he is also going to be making my hobbit ears and feet so I was going to have my ears casted.

Greg's house/ The Barnyard is such an AWESOME place to visit. Everytime I go there something new to see. So I always have fun checking out his place when I visit. We started interviewing around 3:30pm and discussed episodes 1 through 5 before we realized it was 7:30pm and that we were both hungry. So we took a break and went to El Pollo Loco for some crazy chicken and had a really good
Full size Jabba in his living room
conversation during dinner. Got back to his place around 8:45pm and talked about episodes 6 and 7 then realized it was 10pm and we hadn't done my ear casting and I had to get going as seven hours of interviewing was my limit. Greg was also not feeling well so we called it a night. We made plans to finish up talking about episodes 8 through 12 and do my ear casting at a later date. I did give him some old shoes in which he will create my hobbit feet around.

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