Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition Screening

Tonight I went to see this in the theater. It's a promotional thing for the LOTR Blu-ray DVD's coming out soon. AMC is showing the Extended Edition of each film on Tuesday for the next three weeks. Fellowship of the Rings 6/14, The Two Towers 6/21 and Return of the King 6/28.

Went with my friends Harry, Andrew, Adam and Aaron. The room was pretty packed but not full. First to come on screen with Peter Jackson who explained that these releases are the first and only showing of the new REMASTERED Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions. I guess they remastered the video and audio for the Blu-Rays.. so in essence we were watching the Blu-ray version of the movie on the big screen. We watched it on a AMC's E.X.T. screen.. not sure what that means but I know it’s supposed to be the best digital video and sound they have.

The crowd was great, some dressed up but all very extremely excited. Every time a new character would come on screen folks would hoot and holler. The video was exceptional, but I have to admit that seeing it in HD you can tell when it's not the main actors and it's one of the little people with a mask on. I don't think I noticed it that much before but watching it in HD on a huge screen you kind of notices now. Still didn't take any of the joy away from watching it again. This is actually my second time watching FOTR EE on the bring screen. I saw it many years ago when they were releasing the final movie The Return of the King they did a marathon with FOTR and TT both Extended Editions and then premiered ROTK. But this was my first time seeing in glorious Digital HD. Like the video the sounds was amazing, some scenes would shake the chairs it was so powerful. I know some folks in my party got a headache from the sound but I thought it was AWESOME.

It was a great experience, I cried like a baby as I always do with certain parts of this movie. This is my favorite of the Trilogy. I'm still debating on going next Tuesday to see The Two Towers. For this one I had to leave work two hours early and it took me a little over an hour and a half in traffic to get there... but it was so worth it.

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