Saturday, June 18, 2011

Double Feature: Super 8 & X-Men First Class


I've been so busy the past.. forever that I've fallen behind on summer movies so today I was determined to go to the movies and see at least two if not three movies. On my list of "must" see are Pirates 4, Kung Fu Panda 2, X-Men First Class, Super 8 and Green Lantern. So I checked the movies time and it looked like I'd be able to see Super 8, then X-Men First Class and if I was up to it Pirates 4.

So I went to lunch at a near fast food place and then headed over to the theater. Up first was Super 8. I've heard such good things about this film and from the previews I was very excited to see. I had heard that it's a through back to the 80's films like E.T. and Goonies, both of which I LOVED.

I wish I could say that I totally LOVED this movie but I can't. I did enjoy it.. alot.. but maybe the hype got to me. It was a good movie but it didn't remind me of Goonies or E.T... both of which I can watch over and over. One thing that I did LOVE about this movie were the young actors, all of them...  but the main two Joe (Joel Courtney) and Alice (Elle Fanning) were AMAZING. The emotions they conveyed with just a look was brilliant. Part of this film felt like a horror movie, making you jump out of your seat when the "monster/alien" appeared. I like that we got a quick run down on the alien and why it was doing what it was doing... but I would have liked to know why it was kidnapping the people and eating some of them and not others. Was it just storing food for it's travels. One thing I hated but it's a JJ staple.. the lens flairs. OMG.. they were happening even when there wasn't any light source.  Would I recommend this film.. of course it's a very sweet coming of age story with a dash of horror. It made me cry, it had some very beautiful and heart touching scenes. The acting by far was my favorite part. There is also a train derailment scene that is totally EPIC and incredible shot and the alien looks pretty cool (when you finally see it).

After Super 8 I had about a minute to go to the bathroom, get a drink and some popcorn and get into the theater. Luckily they play five or six previews before the movie so I knew I had about ten minutes. So I got my snacks and then made my way into the theater. Soon as I sat down my full popcorn took a tumble to the floor and I lost all but a few kernels of popcorn.. I was not a happy camper.

Anyways on to X-Men First Class. First let me say I LOVED the original X-Men movie and LOVED X-Men 2 even more. And I even enjoyed X-Men 3, which I know most of my fellow geeks did not. So I'm a huge X-Men fan. Again like Super 8 I had heard a ton of great things about this film so my expectations were high... well I am happy to say that this film lived up and exceeded them. I LOVED this movie. It was well written, well acted and had just the right amount of action and character development. The movie is truly the story of how Erik became Magneto. There were several scenes that had me in tears. The death of Darwin was horrific. And another thing I loved about this movie is it still lined up with the previous X-Men movies. I loved the two big cameos and seeing the "younger" versions of future X-Men. This is a must buy when it comes out on Blu-ray.

After seeing Super 8 and then X-Men First Class I couldn't bring myself to watch Pirates. I was on such a high from X-Men that I didn't want to watch Pirates and be disappointed. I've heard good and bad things about Pirates 4, besides I was hungry and knew I had things to do at home. Seeing two movies was great, just have to make sure I do a few more double features in the future.

So I'd give Super 8 a solid B and X-Men First Class an A Both were fantastic and made for a great double feature.


  1. Double feature is a great idea, I was tempted to do the exact same thing with those same films!

    I loved Super 8, but that is likely because I focused on the performances of the two leads. Elle Fanning's performance was amazing. And without spoiling anything, I suppose the other reason is that I can personally relate to what Joe was going through regarding his mom. It can be hard.

    Also, I suppose I like how JJ Abrams tells his stories, and respect how well he emulates Spielberg, although I admit that it's still not the same.

    As for X-Men, I've heard it's a strong film except for January Jones, so I'll have to give that a try very soon.

  2. X-men was awesome :) Was kinda worried about an all new cast, and that some prequels often sucks, never been more pleasantly surprised :)