Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

JK Rowling loves to make announcements in style. Today various Harry Potter sites posted this...

Following the completion of the seven Harry Potter books and eight films, J.K. Rowling has something new to announce. Even though this is not a new book, we have been informed it is something equally exciting.

As a teaser before the official announcement, ten letters have been hidden on the website below for you to find. To locate them you need to find ten sets of coordinates, enter them into the search box at one set at a time, and take a look around (meaning zoom all the way in).

Over the next two hours All Ten Coordinates showed up each revealing a letter and a little tidbit about the Harry Potter World and that particular location.

42.523356,-70.890698 - The letter E was revealed and Salem: The Salem Witches' Institute visited the Quidditch World Cup.

51.530377,-0.123259 - The letter T was revealed and King’s Cross: The Hogwarts Express leaves from platform nine and three-quarters.

-34.410362,150.900671 - The letter O was revealed and Australia: The Woollongong Warriors are a Quidditch team referenced in the book ‘Quidditch through the Ages.’

43.640408,-79.388795 - The letter R was revealed and Toronto (Skydome): Where J.K. Rowling achieved the world record for a public reading event.

29.952313,-90.067849 - The letter P was revealed and New Orleans: The Phoenix Rising Convention in New Orleans. One of the largest Harry Potter fan conventions.

-23.547149,-46.520266 - The letter E was revealed and Brazil: The location of an eagle-eyed fan site which spotted a recent trademark registration.

-29.239004,24.507602 - The letter T was revealed and Africa: The Erumpent - whose horn contains a deadly fluid that can make objects explode at the slightest touch (one of which destroyed the Lovegood house) - is originally from Africa.

34.730748,137.383786 - The letter O was revealed and Toyohashi: Toyohashi Tengu is a Quidditch team referenced in the book ‘Quidditch through the Ages.’

51.781383,-2.56844 - The letter R was revealed and Forest of Dean: The beautiful forest where Harry & Ron reunite in the Deathly Hallows.

53.476311, -2.22971 - The letter M was revealed and Manchester station: The train line between Manchester and London is where J.K. Rowling first conceived the idea of Harry Potter.

So this left us with: E T O R P E T O R M and if you rearrange the letters you get MORE POTTER

Well just a few moments ago it was official announced that POTTERMORE is a new JK Rowling website. You can follow them @pottermore and the url of the website is It's just a front page saying coming soon.. so all us Potter fans are on pens and needles waiting to hear what JK Rowling is up too.. .let the speculation fly.

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  1. I'm so excited to see what she has to say!~ Thanks for doing all that work! :)