Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chatting with Felicia

Tonight after a 2 hour 10 minute commute home I barely had time to take off my shoes before I had to be online and chatting with Felicia Day over skype for some upcoming Knights of the Guild CompanionCasts. We discussed episodes 505 and 506 (this weeks and next weeks episodes) Felicia was kind enough, on her one day off from Eureka to chat with me. As always it was a fun chat. I love hearing Felicia's thoughts on these episodes, you really get some detailed behind the scenes information that you can't get any where else. After the interview I tried to edit a bit more of the next CompanionCast (due out Thursday PM) but was too tired and went to bed around 10 knowing I had to get up early for a conference call with New York MTV.

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