Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Return to Disneyland

Today I went to Disneyland to meet up with some "online" friends from Arizona. Both Al and his wife Joyce are huge Disney Fanatics and both have become really close to me though we had never met in person. They were here for D23, which is a big Disney convention so I thought it was time for me to visit the part again and finally meet two of my closest friends in person. They were in panels until around noon so I left my house around 9:30am and got the part around 11am. I've been wanting to buy and annual pass for a while now so when I got there I went to get it. I had planned to get a Deluxe ($380) one which allows you in both parks 315 days a year, which isn't bad. But then Joyce texted me and said "you should consider the Premium pass ($500) as you'll be paying $15 to park everytime you come" so it got me thinking, you pay $80 for one day pass at one park and $15 to park that's $95 a visit for one park only. If I come 6 times in a year that will pay for the Premium pass and you get free parking and you can visit both parks 365 days a year. Oh and you get 10 to 20% off food and merchandise.. sounded like a win win to me. I mean this was my first visit, I'm coming back again next month at the end of September and then once again in October when a friend comes down from Michigan. So that's three times in three months.. and who's to say I won't go in between those time.  Needless to say I got the premium pass.

I got into Disneyland around 11:30am and I figured my friends Al and Joyce would be heading over around Noon so I didn't want to get on any rides so I kind of wandered around, took some pictures, did lots of people watching.. it was actually nice being at Disneyland and not having to rush around feeling like you have to do to everything because you paid so much for your one day pass. Now I can leisurely enjoy the park. Al and Joyce made it over to Disneyland a little after 1pm.  They though they would sneak up on me by not telling me they were actually in the park but I actually spotted them and kind of followed behind them as they looked for. Until I finally said.. "who are  you looking for" It was like greeting old friends. If felt as though we've known each other for many years.. and the fact is we have known each other for a few years just never met in person.

First thing we did was grab some corn dogs as I was starving. After corn dogs we headed over to Star Tours (of course) and got in line. Said was going to be an hour but it actually took about 2 hours to get on. But I don't mind lines as long as I have someone to talk too. This was going to be my first time on the new and improved Star Tours. There are 54 different scenarios/combinations you can get. There are 4 different variation to the story.. (1) We got Darth Vader attacking (2) then went to Tatooine and got in a pod racing game (3) Yoda came to us (4) we were in a battle over Coruscant and then flew into the planet and through traffic. The new ride is so much fun.. felt like it just flew by. I can see myself riding this again and again and again.

After Star Tours we headed to Space Mountain.. at least Joyce and I did  as Al is not a big fan of roller coasters. It was nice having some one on one time with Joyce. She's one of the sweetest people I know and we've had some great talks over facebook. We had a great time on Space Mountain.

We met back up with Al and I wanted to go shopping. I wanted to pick up a Captain EO tshirt and a few Star Tours thing. I got my Captain EO shirt and also picked up an AWESOME Star Tours tshirt and one of my most favorite things my R2D2 Mickey ears with my name on the back.

After we did that we headed over to Disney California Adventure to go on the new Little Mermaid ride. That was actually alot of fun. Kind of reminded me of the Haunted Mansion (but less scary of course) same type of chairs and mover. But well worth the hour wait in line.

We then went and had dinner at an Italian restaurant which I can't remember the name of but it was some very good food. After that we headed over to the Toy Story ride (which I have never done) and stood in live for a good hour or so for that ride and I have to say that is one of my new favorites. I had blast trying to beat Al.. in the end he killed me but it was so much fun.. that's defiantly a must ride when I visit the parks.

I really wanted to do ElecTRONica so they took me over to that section and it was like a big Rave.. loud music and laser lights all over the place.. it was pretty great.

It's was now 9:30pm and I had planned to stay to Midnight but that wasn't going to happen. I was tired and my feet were hurting and I still have at least an hour and fifteen minute drive home, but before we left Al and Joyce had never had a Churro so of course I had to buy them one and they both really enjoyed them. After that we said our goodbyes and I got back on the tram to go to my car. Finally got on the road around 10pm and traffic was pretty heavy but I did manage to get home around 11:30pm.

Anyways it was a wonderful day. I finally got to meet two of my best friends and it was great visiting Disneyland again and now that I have my annual pass I'm sure I'll be going several times a month if not more.. that place is and will always be Magical!!!

You can check out more pictures HERE

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