Friday, August 26, 2011

A Magical Delivery

Well if you keep up with my blog you know last month I was robbed at San Diego Comic Con and along with all my podcasting equipment they took my Harry Potter wand. Now like any good Wizard I have to have a wand so I went on Ebay and planned on purchasing a replacement wand but there were so many cool ones to choose from so I got all SEVEN of them. And here they are...

Oh almost forgot they all light up as well.. soooo coooool (click on photo for larger version)
Hermione's Wand

Voldermort's Wand

Dumbledore's Wand (Elder Wand)
Mad Eye Moody's Wand

Sirius Black Wand
Ron's Wand

Harry's Wand


  1. I have an Elder Wand I got at The Wizarding World, but it doesn't light up :(