Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Editing KOTG CompanionCast S5E6

After work today I headed home and jumped on my computer and started editing the next CompanionCast for my Knights of the Guild podcast. Once again I string everything out and it's over 2 hours long with 14 interviews. I worked on it till midnight but my Avid was acting funky and finally when it crashed for a fifth or sixth time I took it as a sign to go to bed. I did get about 3 hours of work done on it and about about halfway done. Figure I'll get up early and get some editing time in before work tomorrow morning.

Lot's a great interviews in this episode. Season 5 of The Guild has been pretty epic and the companioncasts have been chuck full of awesome behind the scenes information. I hope to finish it tomorrow night and have it ready for it's Thursday night release.

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