Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Sunday

Since I didn't get done as much as I was hoping for yesterday I really wanted to focus on doing nothing but podcasting today. Got up at 8am and had to watched the last six episodes of MASH season one as I was having a skype call with my buddies Al and Simon so we could record episodes 19 to 24 of our MASH 4077 Podcast. Took a few hours to watch those six episodes and then I worked on MASH 4077 podcast episode 15 which is due to be released on September 1st. Worked on it a few hours before having to stop and jump on this skype call at noon. Took us 3 hours to record our six episode but it's always a blast recording with Al and Meds (Simon).

After the recording I headed out to grab a bite to eat. Got home and watched an hour of TV before jumping back on the computer around 5pm and at about 6pm I was finally finished with my first pass for the next MASH podcast. I then took a break to clean up my pantry/laundry room. Got back to work and did my 2nd pass on the MASH podcast (that's when I add the audio clips from the episode). That took a few hours and around 8:00pm I finished with it and finally was ready to do my final "polish" pass and that took me another hour or so. So at 9pm I had finally finished editing my next MASH podcast. I leveled the audio, converted the file and uploaded it in a half hour. Podcast #2 is done, finished Confessions of a Fanboy #1 yesterday and MASH 4077 Podcast #15 today. But I still had one more to finish. I knew it was hopeless so my new plan was to string out all the interviews for my next Knights of the Guild CompanionCast S5E6. There were 14 interviews and over 2 hours of audio and at 11pm I finally finished the stringout. Still got alot of work to do on it and if I wasn't so tired I would try to start editing but I'd rather get some much needed rest. I have a few days before this podcast is due so I'll be working on it the next few nights after work.

It was a Podcast kind of weekend. Launched a new podcast, got another episode done for my MASH podcast and got started working on my new KOTG CompanionCast. Also recorded audio for my MASH podcast episodes 19 - 24. Cleaned a few rooms in my house and visited family and got the best news I could wish for.... all in all it was a pretty good weekend.

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