Thursday, September 1, 2011

What A Day!!!

Well the day started off with an email from our EP just ripping apart one of the mixes of our show. Not the thing you want to wake up too in the morning. That's when I headache started. Drove into work, took Harry's truck as it was super hot and his truck as AC. Well about halfway to work his engine light comes on, great something else I have to worry about now. I make it work and it's as thought all the crazies was just waiting for me to walk through those doors.

I won't go into detail as many of you would have no idea what I was talking about and others would just find it boring. Needless to say that I can honestly say that this has been one of the worst works days I have had in a long time and that's saying something as I have had many bad works days as of late.

Anyways.. I was stressed out, still had the headache and my chest was hurting again. Not a good combination. I took a few minutes to calm down and remind myself that I don't care what happens here. I already quit once and if I would to be fired I would welcome it. I even considered quitting again as chest pains are not a good result of your work enviroment. But I mangaged to calm down and as the day went on I was able to get things under control so that by the time I left work things were back in order and I was able to enjoy my dinner plans.

Dinner was with one of my best buds Will. We hadn't seen each other in over two months which is way tooo long. We had a nice dinner and chat at Chevy's out in Burbank. He was working and took a dinner break so we couldn't hang for hours but we did get to spend some great time together and it's just what I needed after the horrible day I had.

So the day started on a low but ended on a high.. thanks Will

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