Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family BBQ

Today was my Dad's side of the family's Labor Day BBQ. I hadn't seen his side of the family for a few years. (They were supporters of Prop 8 - Anti Gay Marriage Bill here in CA) so we (Harry and I ) boycotted going to family events for a few years. But it really was only one of my cousins and her family. And they're not bad people just Mormons.

Anyways it was time to see them again and I really did miss them as we just found them five or so year ago (Dad was adopted, found Wally his half brother five years ago). So I drove to a park out in Lakewood (I think), got to meet alot of Wally's family, played some volleyball with my cousins kids as well as some croquet. Played with Kenobi at the playground. It was nice visiting with them. They always treat us like we've known each other all our lives. Can't wait to see them again at Christmas time.

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