Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Sunday

Today I had planned to do nothing but podcasting. Since yesterday was my Dad's family BBQ and tomorrow is my Mom's family BBQ. So today I wanted to get another episode of Confessions of a Fanboy done as well as my next episode of Knights of the Guild CompanionCast and MASH 4077 Podcast.

Well in reality I wanted to do nothing, I wanted to just kick back and watch TV. I have quite a few TV series DVR'd. So I started preparing my next Confessions with an interview I did last month with my buddy and fellow podcaster Kevin Bachelder. Strung it out and started editing it. Took a break for lunch and started to watch a Glee episode.. which was not a good idea. I had nine episodes on my DVR so I watched one, then another and then a third before forcing myself to stop and get back to podcasting.

Finally got my next episode of Confessions of a Fanboy #2 with Kevin Bachelder all edited, leveled, converted and uploaded. By the time I got done it was late and I had gotten a call from my mom earlier today cancelling the BBQ for tomorrow so I figured I would go to bed and work on the next two podcasts tomorrow.

So I started off wanting to get 3 podcasts done but by the end of the day I had only finished one but I did get 3 episodes of Glee watched and loving it. Still got 6 more episodes to go, maybe I'll watch them tomorrow... no bad Kenny.. must get my podcasts done!!

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