Monday, September 5, 2011

Fires, Podcasts & Glee.. Oh My!!

Today have been an interesting day... got up early with plans to finish my next episode of Knights of the Guild CompanionCast S5E7 and MASH 4077 Podcast #16. I also wanted to do a bit of cleaning and replace my headlight and a fuse on my jeep.

Like yesterday I had a very hard time keeping myself motivated. Those remaining six episodes of Glee kept calling to me.  But I resisted (for a while) and get started. I strung out my next Knights of the Guild CompanionCast and then cut together the three hosts audio for my next MASH 4077 Podcast. I then took a break to get some breakfast and watch some TV. And like yesterday this was a mistake as I watched not one, not two, not three but four episodes of Glee. Glee has been a hit or miss with me, I mean that's why I left the last 9 episodes on my DVR for months. But once I start watching it sucks me right back in and I'm so in love with Blaine (Darrin Criss) and I enjoy his relationship with Kurt, I just had to keep watching. I still have two more episode in season 2 but I really needed to get back to podcasting.

So I decided to work on my next KOTG CompanionCast as that is due Thursday and my next MASH 4077 Podcast isn't due until the next, next Thursday (Sept. 15th). So I already know I'm not going to get both of these done and the KOTG needs to get done first. So I work on that one for an hour before I remember that I wanted to go buy a new headlight and some fuses for my jeep. I figured I'd pick up some lunch while I was out as well. So I went to Pep Boys and then do Del Taco and as I was heading home I noticed a think black smoke coming from over the hills where I live. As I got closer I realized the fire is still a few miles away from me but it's growing fast.

So for the next few hours I'm on high alert, I can see the fire from my home across the valley. And smell the smoke in the air but there really isn't anything I can do but wait and see. So I ate my lunch and yep you guessed it I watched the last two episodes of Glee from Season 2.  I really enjoyed the last nine episodes of the season. So happy to see that Kurt and Blaine's relationship is going so well. I was afraid they were going to have a rocky one.. but I was wrong. Went out to check on the fire and while I was out I replaced my headlight in my Jeep, that was an ordeal but in the end I got done. And for the fuse I couldn't find the one that went to my dash board and it was too bright to see if the one I did replace did the job.. will have to wait until it's dark to see if I fixed that.

Back in side and no more excuses I had to get at least one of my podcasts done so I continued to work on Knights of the Guild CompanionCast S5E7. As I blog this I'm about 2/3'ds of the day done and will put the finishing touches on it tomorrow.

Just noticed that my Confessions of a Fanboy podcast website is done and must go to investigate.

Fire is still going on but it seems that the firemen have everyone under control, let's just hope the winds stay down and everything goes well tonight.. I'll keep you all posted.

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