Friday, September 9, 2011

Potter Happiness

Today after a very long and stressful week I came home to a package on my door step. I had an idea of what it was and was very excited. The past few years I've been collecting Harry Potter mini busts (among others) and a few weeks prior I had found this really good deal of a set of four Harry Potter busts, Luna, Dobby, Sirius and Harry Potter (1st edition). Now these busts pop up on ebay from time and time and each can go for $100 to $250 each. Well I put my max bid in for all four at $300 and when it ended I won them for $280 + $13 shipping. So I roughly paid $75 a figure, which in my book is pretty good and I got some really hard to find ones.

Well they arrived and I excitedly unpacked them one at a time. First was Luna and she looked great, then Dobby and again he looked fantastic and then I unpacked Harry and noticed that both of his hand were gone. I noticed that one was removable and must still be in the box but the other one had snapped off and was laying next to the figure. :( I was disappointed at first and was going to write the person but they did wrap them up in a ton of bubble wrap and did everything they could to protect them so I couldn't blame them. Luckily the break was under his sleeve and with a little super glue you would never know it has snapped off. I then opened Sirius who looked great. So proudly displayed them with the rest of my Harry Potter mini busts and it was a great way to end this crappy work week. I love HARRY POTTER!!!

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