Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenny's 1st Annual Christmas Party - Day One

Homemade Christmas gifts - Snowman
Woke up early as I normally do as I can't sleep because of the awesomeness that is about to happen today. First thing I did was try and wrap my home made Christmas presents. Well that didn't go as planned so I opted to just leave them be and place them under the Christmas Tree. Since everyone was getting the same thing I figured it didn't ruin the surprise.

The only thing I had to do before the party was get propane. Luckily for me the gas station down the street from my place sells propane so I grabbed my empty tank and headed over. But there was an issue, I was trying to use an older tank and I guess the valve rusted shut and we couldn't open the tank. So I had to jump back into my jeep and drive back up the dirt road to my house and grab my second propane tank and go back down the hill. That one worked so I filled it up and now everything was ready for the party. When I got back to my house my 2nd guest Rupert (Jes being my first) showed up. From 10am to Noon other folks started to show up. We prepped snack foods and drinks and the party official began.

We started off with a few games of Flux (if you don't know what Flux is, it's a pretty awesome card game). I then started to BBQ, after a few grill issues which Anthony and Chris fixed, thanks guy.. we got cooking. While I cooked the gang got a game in of extreme bocce ball. I'd run out and watch and take pictures but had to keep an eye on the BBQ and get everything ready for lunch.

One of the best things that happen this weekend was I got to finally meet Josh. We started as twitter friends and really hit it off. He's one of those rare people that you just know you were meant to have in your life. I found him on facebook and we friended each other there as well and our friendship continued to grow. Anyways long story short we tried to hook up several times but timing has been off and I totally forgot he RSVP'd for the party so when this guy drove up on a motorcycle I couldn't figure out who it was. As I got closer he pulled off his helmet and had a huge smile on his face and it hit me.. OMG IT'S JOSH!!! It was like two long lost friends seeing each other after years of being apart. We hugged and hugged I couldn't contain my excitement in finally meeting/seeing him in person, best Christmas gift EVER!!

I finished up prepping lunch and called everyone in. We all ate lunch and chatted. Once lunch was over the gang split into two groups. One went to play extreme bocce ball while the other stayed inside and watched some "Christmas" movies. I went out and played bocce ball. As we were playing it started to sprinkle but we continued until we finished the game before heading in.

We then started to decorate the delicious Christmas cookies that Anne had made. That was a lot of fun. Anne brought all the things you need to decorate, half of use decorated while the other half visited or watched us. It was some good times.

After cookies Chris and I drove over to Pizza Hut so I could pick up dinner for the night. Got back and everyone ate. Chris and I also did a shot as I was holding off on drinking as I knew I needed to drive to get the pizza. Everyone socialized for a bit. I had mentioned to Chris last time that I consider most of these guys really good friends but I really don't know much about them. He suggested we play a drinking game called "I Never". If you don't know what that is, one person says "I never went skinny dipping" and those who have must drink. Got to find out a few interesting details about my friends... but as we say "What happens at Kenny's parties, stay at Kenny's parties"

 We split again, half went to watch Die Hard in the TV room while the rest of us moved on to a drinking game that we were introduced to at the last movie marathon weekend.. Asshole. That was loads of fun.. well maybe not for everyone, but the majority of the folks seemed to have enjoyed it. Around 1am folks started to get tired. Unlike last time folks started to drink early so they were wiped out. I did my best to find a place for everyone to crash. This was the most we've every had staying the night.. 14 people. Luckily I have a king size bed and surprising can old 3 people. I think I finally fell asleep around 3am.

So day one comes to an end. Didn't get to watch as many Christmas movies as I expected but then again I really didn't want this to be a movie marathon and more of a fun social party which is exactly what it was. And we still have lots of fun things planned for tomorrow.

You can see more pictures from this fun weekend HERE


  1. This made me smile!

  2. My son had a lot of fun. great pictures! Merry Christmas TeriAnn Kemmling