Monday, December 12, 2011

New Addition to the Family

Got I call from my brother at 8:30am this morning. He informed me that Lora (my pregnant sister-in-law's) water had broken and they were off to the hospital. It didn't come as a surprise as she is due and was actually going to go in next week to give birth (C section). He told me not to rush over as they weren't sure when she would be actually giving birth. I had stuff to do around the house so I took care of all that stuff. It was pouring rain outside and I really hate driving in it so I kept putting off leaving hoping it was lighten up a bit.. well it didn't and around noon I headed over. It's normally a 2 hour drive to the hospital but with the rain it took me about 3 hour to get there. I actually got there about 15 minutes before my brother came out with his new daughter Molly Skye. She is 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. She's perfect in every way. Got to spend about 2 second with her before she was whisked off to the nursery. Went back to the waiting room with my Mom, Chuck (step dad), Vicki (Lora's Mom) and Wendy (Lora's sister). About a half hour later Mom and Chuck left and Lora was moved to a temporary room so she could be watched. We were able to go in one at a time and visit her. I spent about five minutes in there to see how Lora was doing. She was feeling great and happy that Molly was finally out. After another hour they moved her to her room (she's staying in the hospital for 2 days). I popped in and said goodbye before heading home. Again it took me about 3 hours to get home and it was still pouring down rain. So I spent 6 hours on the rain soaked roads but it was totally worth it to welcome my new niece into the world.

Happy Birthday Molly Skye Mittleider!!!


  1. Congrats! A happy healthy future too little Miss Molly. And to honor the occasion I believe a bit of Little Richard is in order?

    On a side note... They put the baby in a nursery? Why? Most hospitals now keep the baby in the room with you after they are born. Alex never once left my hospital room after he was born until I left the hospital with him.

  2. They put her in the nursery while they took care of Lora, she has a C-section. My brother stayed with Molly the entire time. When Lora was all sewn up they brought Molly into her room.