Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Errands & More TV

Today I really should have been editing several podcasts (Knights of the Guild, Confessions of a Fanboy, and MASH 4077 Podcast) but nope that didn't happen. I did manage to get outside as it was a beautiful day. I went and purchased 2 new tires. 3 of my tires were okay so I moved two good ones to the 2 back tires and purchased 2 new tires for the front tires. And the third good tire I'm using as my spare. Let's hope these four tires last a little while. Jeep tires are expensive, I spent about $350 on the two tires, alignment and labor. After that I went to Stater Brothers to pick up some food. I haven't gone in a few weeks and it was time as I was running out of basic stuff. I then grabbed some lunch from El Pollo Loco before gassing up the Jeep and heading home.

Like yesterday I watched more of my DVR'd tv shows. Today I watched this weeks New Girl and Raising Hope. Really enjoy Raising Hope but New Girl is my new favorite comedy. Today's episode was hilarious. Nick's facial expressions when the landlord is explaining what he's going to do during their menage a trois was just epic!!!

Then watched a new series My 600 lbs Life, it's a series that follows one person over seven years after they get a gastric bypass. I find these shows extremely interesting. After that I watched my favorite reality show FaceOff. Again the stuff these artists come up with are amazing. I think that's why each episode is so interesting. I mean it's pretty much the same thing each episode but it's always cool to see what these guys will come up with. Also got some good news that Syfy picked up FaceOff for a third season.

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