Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris' Going Away Weekend of Epicness Day 1

Today begins what I hope to be one fantastic weekend of awesome. My best bud Chris is being relocated to Montana for three + years (he's in the Air Force). Though it's breaking my heart to see him go I'm not going to let him leave without throwing him a party to end all parties. It starts tonight and my guests started arrived early. First up was my other best bud Robert, he got to my place around 3pm and we started the party early with a shot. A few hours later we were hungry and so I contacted Chris, who was driving down, and asked where he was. He said he was about 20 minutes away from Santa Clarita. So we made plans to meet up for a late lunch/early dinner at Islands. It was pretty AWESOME hanging with two of my most favorite people in the world. Once dinner was over we headed back to my place and started to watch some TV. Brian soon arrived, followed by Olivia and Will. Jes, Rupert and Aaron finished off the group for the night. We played "celebrity" and had a blast. We chatted and drank a bit before finally going to bed in the wee hours. It was a great start to a fantastic weekend.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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