Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy To Be Alive!!!

I was heading to Walmart to pick up some photos that I had printed out. While driving there I was almost in an accident. The car just a few feet in front of me was going through a green light and out of no where a large truck ran his red light and t-boned the car right in front of me. It all happened extremely fast yet felt it was moving on slow mo. I manage to slam on my breaks before hitting both of them. No other cars were around. I got out, called 911, police came the folks in the other two cars seemed to be okay.. shaken up of course but okay. I stayed until the ambulance came to pick up the driver who got hit. It was a very scary moment. If I was going a bit faster or the truck was going a bit slower he could have nailed my driver side and since he was going so fast it would have crushed me. It's scary to think that you could be here one moment and then another your not. Things like this make me appreciate what I have and the people I surround myself with. Be thankful for all you have, tell those you love how you feel everyday. Make sure everyone around you know how much they mean to you because one day sooner or later you will be gone.

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