Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chris' Going Away Weekend of Epicness Day 2 (Day)

I was up early as I normally am because I'm just to excited for the day to start. I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast for everyone to enjoy. After breakfast we packed up the car and made our way down to Griffith Park Old Zoo section to claim our spot. We got there around 11ish and the place was dead, which was great for us. We found a large open area with several tables. We unloaded the cars and began the fun. First thing we did was explore the Monkey enclosure. This was part of the LA Zoo many, many years ago (hence the name Old Zoo). We didn't spend alot of time but enough to take some fun pictures. After that we played some crazy frisbee. I had purchased six of them and they were all flying everywhere.. it was kind of chaotic yet fun. Once we were done with frisbee Chris pulled out his "washer" game and we had a go at that. The object of the game is to get these large washer into various size holes. It was tons of fun. Next to arrive was my best bud Josh and his girlfriend Nicole. I don't get to see Josh as much as I would like so it's always fantastic to get to hang with him whenever we can.

Next we got the grill going and it would take a while for the coals to get hot enough so Chris found a large stick and we decided to play some stick ball. At this time my buddy Scott arrived and I had to run down and fetch him. He joined in on the Stickball fun while I started grilling some hotdogs. Soon as the first round of hotdogs were done Anne, Megan and Nicki showed up and they had burgers so I started to grill some of those as well. Everyone had some yummy BBQ before starting a new game.. this time it was bocce ball. I didn't get to play much of that since I was fetching folks who were lost. Dallas, Jen, Luis, Kat and Joe arrived next and joined in the fun.

Folks were playing washers, catch and various other games. We did have to say goodbye to Josh and Nicole. Josh is in a local play and needed to get back for rehearsals. We also nicknamed Scott "Hollywood" since he was on his phone quite a bit.

We then got a game of Monkey in the middle with the Frisbee. That was loads of fun and another nick name was born. Robert was known as "the dropper" for obvious reasons :). Kevin and Doug Rusley were the final guests to arrive and they joined in on the next game which was Freeze Tag. I haven't played Freeze Tag in over 30 years and man did it take it's toll on me.. and not just me on several of us. Poor Robert went from "the dropper" to "the Fallen" and injured himself quite a bit.. as well as Will who twisted his knee. I didn't injure myself other then being over weight and out of breath. But even with all the injuries it was alot of fun and made us all feel like kids again.

Once that was over we played some more washers and when 4:30 came around we started cleaning up. I did want one more picture of the group by the Monkey caves so we headed over there one last time to take some awesome pictures. And that phase of Chris' going away party came to an end. But the night is far from over.. next up.. suiting up.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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