Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Simply AWESOME Day

Today is a jam packed day. I first headed to Disneyland to pick up some fun Star Wars gifts for my best bud Chris who is being relocated to Montana in a few weeks for 3 years :( It was strange as I've never gone to Disneyland just to shop. I parked my car in the Mickey and Friends parking lot, took the tram to Downtown Disney and made my way into the park. But instead of going on rides I headed to the Star Trade. I did consider going on Star Tours but I was in a time crunch and it was an hour wait. So I just went shopping. I knew I wanted to get him a Jedi Academy robe, but I also found this pretty awesome Boba Fett t-shirt as well as a cute little stuffed Boba Fett plushy.

After Disneyland I headed across the street to the hotel we stayed at this past weekend for Wondercon. My buddy Robert left some pictures and autographs in the room and I was hoping they had found them. Unfortunately they did not. We don't know if they just took them, threw them away or the person who was renting the room the day after took them... needless to say they are gone and I felt bad for Robert.

After the hotel I headed to family. Was going to have lunch with my pops and then visit with the niece and nephew. On my way there I texted Josh to see if he had some free time to visit since he lives out in the same area as my family. After a few texts we made plans to meet up after he got off work at 5pm. So I got to spend around 3 hours with my family, which is always great.

At 4:15 I said goodbye to them and headed north to visit Josh. Got to his job at 5 and waited about 5 minutes before he came out, spotted me and greeted me with one of his best hugs yet. It's amazing how one hug from someone you love can just make everything better (he has those kinds of hugs). We headed back to his place and chatted for a bit before his girlfriend Nicole came over to visit. The three of us hung out in his room and just visited. It was nice to see him. I don't get to see him as much as I would like and even though we only had an hour and a half to share we made the most of it. Around 6:30pm I headed to North Hollywood as I was having dinner with Will. I was to meet him as his place at 8pm. I got there around 7:45 and waited in my jeep until around 8:15 when he arrived. We walked over to a local restaurant called Firepit Pizza and Grille. They have the best chicken meatballs, which of course I had to have. Will and I had a great conversation and really spent a few hours just enjoying ones company. After dinner I headed back to his place as he wanted to show me some changes he made to his apartment. We then just sat and chatted on the couch until around 11pm when I realized that I was tried and still had an hour drive home. I got home around midnight and called it a night.

Jammed pack day of awesome!!! Great time with family and friends.

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  1. It WAS an awesome time, and I'm so glad I got to have some time with you!