Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adventures in Montana - Day 12

Woke up this morning and began making biscuit and gravy.. it's one of our favorite breakfasts. When I was making breakfast the "internet" guy came to install Chris' internet. About an hour later we were feed and Chris now had super fast internet (I'm very jealous).

Chris noticed that he got paid early so he wanted to go out and grab some things for his house... btw it was pouring outside. Our first stop was the air force base. They have this thing called Airmen's Attic, it's like a thrift store but everything that is donated is given away for free. You must be under a certain rank (which Chris just is) so we went there to see if we could find anything for his house.. the one thing Chris really needed was a microwave and sure enough as soon as we walked in they had one microwave so we grabbed it. Went to the library but it was closed.  So we decided to head out.. well the main entrance of the base to closed (drill or something) so we went to the BX and looked around a bit and then went to the actual thrift store but it was closed. Luckily when we went back to the entrance it was opened so we left base and headed to a local Salvation Army. Chris found a toaster and mixer and I found this really cool Mike Wasowski beanie cap.. and the best part it was only $2.

Headed over to another Salvation Army where Chris saw a treadmill that he wanted a few days ago. It was still there so we picked it up and barely got it in his car. We dropped off  the treadmill and then went to Target and got more movies and a few kitchen accessories and then our final stop was Home Depot.

After shopping we came back home and planned to stay in the rest of the day playing games. First up was more Borderland, I think I'm getting better with the running and looking around. I'm also not freaking out as much when we are attacked. After Borderlands Chris introduced me to Portal 2. Wow that was a fun game but man it made me feel really stupid at times. Chris was a natural and pretty much told me where to put all my portals.. this is another game I wouldn't mind having and practicing with. After Portal 2 I played Assassins Creeds 2 for about an hour. This game has a pretty long start up where you get to practice jumping, fighting and climbing. By the time I became an Assassin I was done playing.

We had leftovers for dinner and while we ate we watched another movie that I had not seen... The Invention of Lying. It was a fun movie with heart. I couldn't imagine having to say what ever comes to your mind. Life would be so much different.

After the movie we watched a bit a TV before calling it an night.

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