Friday, July 27, 2012

Guildies, Olympics and Late Night

Today is the 5th anniversary of The Guild premiering on You Tube.  Can't believe it's been five years already and I'm amazed how this little webseries has impacted my life. Without the Guild I wouldn't have created one of my most popular podcasts (Knights of the Guild). I wouldn't have meet so many great people including my best friends. I got to hang out with Felicia Day and meet so many interesting people. The past four years have been pretty incredible and it's all because of The Guild. Happy 5th Anniversary guys!!!

Also the Summer Olympics start today, I've always been a huge lover of the Olympics, especially the summer ones. My buddy Adam was having an opening ceremony party but because I had a very late night here at work I wasn't able to make it, I did get home about halfway through the ceremony so I did catch some of it but for the most part I wasn't too impressed.

But I do have my DVR primed and ready to record as much as I can. 

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