Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't talk politics very often on facebook, twitter or my blog, but the above video brought me to tears and I just had to share it on all platforms. 

I have many friends and family who are Republican and they have every right to vote however they see fit. But this is why I'm voting for Obama, I not only think he is a great leader but he is loving and caring to all, he believes in equality for all. He doesn't spew hate or intolerance or hide behind religion.

I'm a proud gay man and I'm fighting for my civil liberties, I'm fighting for rights that every heterosexual person has because society sees them as "normal". I don't care about foreign policy, or money or big or small governments .. all I care about is equality for all.. I want to marry my future partner, I want to be able to see my partner if he is in a hospital, I want to share in the benefits of my partner, I want to adopt a child with my partner, I want to live my life the way I was born to live.

President Obama has advanced "gay" rights further then any other president in history. I fear what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected as our next president. How many set backs we will have. 

Some ask how am I'm able to vote for a person based on one issue.  I responded with, this one issue is my life. And it's true, I'm not asking for anything extra out of life, I just want to live, love and share my life as others do. I don't need special treatment, I just need to be treated like everyone else.

This is why I will be voting for Barack Obama for another four years!!!!

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