Monday, October 15, 2012

Sun Stroke and Screenings

Well the plan was to continue painting but once again it was so hot outside. I was actually outside for an hour before I had to come in to cool down. I did manage to get back out there for a half hour before feeling sick. I think I got a little to much sun. I called it a day on painting and spent he next few hours watch TV and trying to stay cool.

I did start feeling a bit better so I tried to work on things inside the house like fixing my ceiling in my living room and various other things around the house.

At 4 I got ready and headed into town. I was going to have dinner with Robert and then we were going to a pre-screening of Cloud Atlas at the Warner Brothers Studios. (Will review in a seperate blog). While at the theater I ran into my buddy Bruce and his friend Gregg (a fellow LOTR fanatic).

Wasn't a few productive day.. hope I do better tomorrow.

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