Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day & Lunch with a Friend

Election Day... woke up around 8am, did my morning routine and at 9am I headed over to my neighbors place to vote. I was a bit worried about the presidential vote this year. I really didn't want Mitt Romney to win and from all the polls it was an extremely tight race.

I've voted at this polling place the past three years (ever since I've lived out in Agua Dulce) and I have to say I have never seen this place so busy. I actually had to wait in line. I had already marked the voters guide that was sent to me last week so it took no time for me to fill out my ballet.

After voting I came back home and got ready to work out when my bestie Chris got online and we started to chat. He asked if I wanted hang out with him on Minecraft and since it's been a few days since we hung out I forgone my workout (pushed it till later) and played a few hours of Minecraft.

Around 11:30 he had to get ready for work and I had to get ready for a Bro lunch date. I was having lunch down in Noho with one of my oldest and dearest friends Chris or not to confuse him with all the other Chris' I have in my life will call him Quilty (his last name). Quilty and I met on the set of The Dating Game back in 95/96 and have remained close over the past 16 years. I watched him get married and become a father twice. We see each other maybe three or four times a year if we're lucky. So our get together are always fantastic. We were having lunch at one of our favorite places Shakey's . We had a great time hanging for a few hours catching up on each other's lives. We vowed to hang out at least once a month.. now we just have to stick to it.

I got home around 3pm and had planned to work out but I made the mistake of turning on the TV and they had election updates as polls were about to close on the east coast. I spent the next six hours glued to my computer and TV watching election results. I'd cheer when a state would go blue and boo with it went red. I expected this election to run well into the morning as all polls kept saying how close the two running mates were. Well that didn't happen.. around 8 to 8:30pm NBC (who I was watching) called it for Obama as soon as Ohio went blue. There were still the west coast states to count but if they went as expected blue then Obama would win. I tried to wait for this to happen but then Virgina went blue and Florida was heading that way. There was no way Romney would win and finally around 10ish he conceded to Obama and Obama gave another fantastic speech and I could breath again.

I may not agree with all of Obama's policy's but the one major difference between Democrats and Republican. Being a gay man Democrats treat me as a human being with rights and feelings. Republicans see me as an abomination with no rights (before you yell at me I know not all Republicans feel that way, but the ones running for pres and vp do).

Also three states approved gay marriages for the first time. Woohooo Thanks Washington, Maine and Maryland. We're up to 9 states and D.C. I know it's only 9 of 50 but it's a start, baby steps.. one day this topic will be a thing of the past and being gay will be as normal as being straight. I hope to live to see the day.

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