Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clone Wars - Youngling Storyline

Today they aired the second of what I expect to be a three-part story "Young Jedi" on the Star Wars The Clone Wars. The storyline follows Ahsoka as she mentors 6 younglings who appeared to be young teenagers and their adventures into becoming full padawans. The Padawans are: Petro: a young male human (almost Latin looking). Cocky, good looking, brash, headstrong, brave, the leader. Katooni: a young Tholothian female. Princess Leia archetype, strong, could be leader if needed.  Gungi: a young male Wookiee, very Chewbacca like character wise and proud. Zatt: A young male Nautolan, the nerdy, techy one. Byph: A young male Ithorian, the scaredy cat. And Ganodi: A young female Rodian. Glass is always half empty.

First part of this story aired last Saturday "The Gathering" and I just totally fell in love with these kids and this storyline. I haven't loved a Clone Wars storyline this much since season 3 and the Mortis Trilogy.  There was just something special about these six kids. This morning they aired part two "A Test of Strength" and again I really enjoyed this episode. You got to see more of the personalities of the six younglings. You also got to see Ahsoka (one of my favorite characters from The Clone Wars) kick some butt. I'm really looking forward to how this storyline ends.. huge cliffhanger with this episode.

This trilogy actually was shown at Celebration VI to a young crowd, they cut them all together and called it Young Jedi. Also folks have been speculating that this was an attempt at doing a spin off of the Clone Wars for a younger audience and I can see that with the few episodes we have seen. I don't know if the plan fell through since they aired them in an actual season of the Clone Wars or if they still plan on doing something with these kids once their three episode arc is over.. guess will have to wait and see. I for one would love to see a series about these kids becoming Padawans and then Jedi's. Only downside is The Clone Wars takes place between episodes 2 and 3 and we all know what happens to the younglings/Padawans and Jedi.

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  1. the new star wars season is awesome cant wait 2 c mor of of gunji