Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom & Welcome Home Robert

Today is my Mom's birthday, planned to have dinner with her and the family. I left my hour around 2pm as I needed to get gas and then pick up some flowers for me mom's birthday. Went to Costco for gas and it was packed, about fifteen minutes later I was driving over to Stater Brothers for the flowers. I found two bouquets that I liked and asked for help combining them together. The florist wasn't around so one of the check out ladies came over and said she would do it. I appreciated her doing that but I'd be better off if I did it by myself in my car. Luckily they didn't charge me the $3 they charge to combine flowers.

Once I had the flowers I was ready to go, it was close to 3:30 and I needed to be at my moms by 5. Luckily for me traffic wasn't bad so I got to her place exactly at 5pm. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and grand mother were already there. I said my hellos and we were off to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner, they didn't make a reservation. We drove in three separate cars and when we got there it was packed. We were stuck in line just to get out car parked. After about fifteen minutes Mom came over and said we were going to a different place and gave my brother the directions (I was following him). We drove to another Italian restaurant right down the street from my Mom's place.. don't know why we didn't go there in the first place. That place was dead.

Mom and Chuck go to that place often and know the owner. We were seated at once, the service was extremely slow, I guess it was a reason why we didn't go here first. Our waiter was great, he also sang to us, I guess the waiting staff sings Monday through Saturday but since it was Sunday we didn't expect them to sing but he did on and off. Dinner was very good and it was nice hanging with my family. We finished eating around 7:30 and I went back to my Mom's and hung out for a half hour.

I left her place at 8 and headed to the Long Beach Airport to pick up my buddy Robert who was flying in from Montana, he was up there visiting our friend Chris. I got to the airport around 8:30, parked my jeep and went inside. I've only been to LB airport one other time and I flew into that airport so I knew it was very small. I wanted where I thought Robert would be coming through. He arrived at 9pm and was out by the baggage area by 9:15.

We hugged out hello and grabbed his suitcase and headed back to my Jeep. Traffic wasn't bad and I had him home by 10:15pm. He was tired and had to get up for work tomorrow so I didn't stick around. We said our good nights and then I headed home and got in around 11pm.

When I got home I was exhausted. It felt like I had been driving all day. I immediately crashed and went to bed.

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