Friday, November 16, 2012

Job Interview

Today I had a job interview with a company down in Hollywood. They produce reality based shows so it's right up my alley. I had heard about this job from my friend Jonathan who recommended me to Tiffany. She contacted me via Facebook and we chatted a for a bit. I got some info about the company and the position. It was for a Post Supervisor (of course) for their current show but what they were hoping it would lead into would be a permanent post super position for the company. This sounded liked the perfect job for me. Only issue was that they needed someone to start mid December and I was leaving town on Dec. 18th and not returning until Jan 2nd. She asked me to send her my resume anyways just in case the start time was pushed. I sent her my current resume and figured that would be the end of it.

Well yesterday I got a call from the production manager asking me if I could come in for an interview tomorrow (which is today). He knew of my start time so I figured they pushed the start date.

I got ready this morning and left my house around 10:45am. I had to be there at Noon and it normally takes about an hour to get there. Well I arrived at the offices at 11:30am, a half hour early. I sat in my jeep and checked emails and such waiting for 11:45 as I figured it would take a few minutes for me to park and then go upstairs. I got to the office around 11:50 and went in.

For the next hour I spoke with four different people (including the show runner) about various aspect of post and this show I would be working on. This was by far the longest interview that I have done but it all went very well (in my opinion). When I left the office I felt good about the interview. They are suppose to call me early next week with their decision as they still had a few more people to interview...

So now I wait... fingers crossed.