Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mail Thieves

I stopped by my mailbox to get my mail, as I do everyday but something was different. First of all those who haven't been to my house my mailbox (along with the other 14 houses in my area) are located at the entrance of the dirt road leading to our houses about a mile away. Anyways went to the box and opened it with my key and noticed that light was coming in from the other side (not normal)... I walked around to the back and noticed that both doors were torn open and everything was gone.

My first thought was crap someone stole my mail and I wondered what was taken. I called Doug who is like the neighborhood watch guy and asked him if he was aware of the situation and he informed me that he heard about it this morning. He thinks that they broke into them last night. He has already contacted the post office and the police to file a report. 

Good news is I collect my mail everyday, and it was Veterans day yesterday (Monday) and mail service did not happen. So if it indeed happened last night as suspected then there was no mail in there.. at least not in my box. So that made me feel a bit better... still sucks though.

So now we have to wait for the post office to either replace or fix the boxes and until then we have to drive 30 minutes into town to get our mail at the local post office... hope they fix it soon.


  1. I worked for USPS taking calls for the Postal Inspections line and seriously, this happens way more often than people think! I tell everyone I know to check their mail every day just in case. So crazy, but criminals can find out so much about you from your mail. Glad nothing of yours was taken!

  2. Isn't it considered a federal offense to mess around with the mail? It is rather disturbing that some people are resorting to this. Maybe they should a more secure mailbox there. Personally I hate these kinds of mailboxes but they seem to be very prevalent in newer developments.