Monday, November 5, 2012

Workout. Yardwork, E.T. and Once

Back to feeling good, still not 100% but good enough to workout and do some yard work outside. I'm really struggling with getting back into my workout routine. Last week I worked out only two days, but then again I did get sick so that may have had something to do with it. Today I did 45 minutes on the elliptical.. I hope to continue to workout the rest of this week.

I also spent an hour or so cleaning up outside. With all the painting going on I have laid plastic and paper all over to place to protect my decks but with all the high winds the past few days everything is all over the place.. there are painting supplies, chairs, plastic and paper from one end of my property to the other.. so I spent an hour going around and cleaning things up.

I had a fairly heavy lunch and after that I felt very lethargic and pretty much watched TV the rest of the day. I recently purchased E.T. on blu ray (30th Anniversary) so I watched all of the extra behind the scenes materials.. they had lots of pretty great behind the scenes footage. Lots of interviews with cast member (done in 2002, for the 20th anniversary edition DVD) I love when directors think ahead and take a ton of behind the scenes footage. I mean when they shot E.T. behind the scenes material wasn't the norm to accompany the movie when it was released on VHS. But folks like Speilberg and Lucas were ahead of their times.

I also recently purchased Once Upon A Time season one blu ray so I decided to check out all the cool behind the scenes stuff they had on those discs. Not as extensive as E.T. but they had some pretty good segments. Hopefully with season two will get a bit more BTS footage. I did enjoy the few deleted scenes.. those are always fun to see.

Watched a bit of recorded TV and that as my Monday. Hopefully I'll get motivated to get back out there and paint some more.

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