Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recording with my Brother

Today was all about Alien Nation podcast. Spent the morning prepping show notes and such waiting for my brother to arrive around 3pm. We planned to record three podcasts, Nov, Dec. and Jan episodes. In fact November's episode is due to be released tomorrow at midnight.. so we were cutting it close this time.

When Mike got here we jumped right in and watched episode 11 Chains of Love. It's one of my all time favorites of Alien Nation and Mike really enjoy it as well so this was going to be a fun conversation. And I was not disappointed.. we laughed so much that we kept making mistakes and having to do things over. It was a ton of fun.

It took us a few hours to get it done which was a bit longer then I was hoping for. So we opted to only do two podcasts today and then he would come back in a few weeks to do two more. My brother has a family, wife and kids and has lots of things to juggle. So I normally can get him every other month for about six hours.

So we sat down to watch episode 12 The Red Room. This one is one of my least favorites. And about a half hour into the show Mike looked at me and said.. OMG what are we going to talk about .. nothing has happened. But then the last half hour was pretty great and then suddenly stops. 

We thought the conversation on this episode would be really short, I also was unable to find any behind the scenes information so I figured this will be the shortest episode we have done so far. But in the end we actually had a pretty good conversation about this episode. Still not my favorite episode but it wasn't as bad as I remembered.

It was another fun recording day.. I have a great time doing the podcast with my brother. This is probably my least listened to podcast, I mean Alien Nation is 20 years old and didn't have a huge following then.. but Mike and I would do it if there was only 1 listener, it's a just a great time.

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