Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wreck-it-Ralph with Friends

Today I woke up and felt pretty good.. I'd say I'm about 90% better which is good since I have plans to go out and have lunch with some friends and then go see Wreck-it-Ralph at the Arclight.

Lunch was planned for 11:30am so I left my place around 10:30ish and got to the Sherman Oaks Galleria around 11:15am. Made my way to The Cheesecake Factory where we were having lunch. Some folks were already there so I said my hello's. We had a party of 13 so it took them a while to seat us. But we also had a few folks who were running a bit behind. Joining us for lunch was Dallas (how organized the who thing), Matt, Jessica, Aaron, Rupert, Michele, Anthony and Robin. Joining us late was Kevin and Patrick.

It was a nice lunch but because there were so many of us it took a while to get the order in, get the food and then the checks. Our movie started at 1:15 and we got our checks around 1:10. Lucky for us we had our preassigned seats so we could get there at the last minute and not worry about where to sit.

We made our way into the theater and a few other folks who didn't join us for lunch were in the theater, Scott, Mazin, Nicki, Crystal, Jeremy, and Jennifer. Dallas planned this well and we all got to sit together. Now for the movie.

From the previews this movie looked like a lot of fun, so I was looking forward to it. And I have to say it didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed this movie, the story had so much heart in it. I cried during several scenes, which isn't that unusual but still a good sign. The animation was really well done. I liked the movement of the "older" game characters (more 8 bit) to the new high definition characters. Ralph is just so damn likable, you feel for him. He's just a guy who is extremely lonely, all he wants are friends.

Another fun aspect of this movie are all the awesome video game characters. Now I'm not a big video game player but I did play arcade video games when I was younger and alot of the characters were from those games. This is a movie you can watch again and again and pick up more of the hidden items.  I give Wreck-it-Ralph a B+

It was great seeing this movie with about 16 friends, I think that's one of the largest groups of friends that I've seen a movie with. Afterwards a few of us went out to the courtyard area and sat around for another hour and just hung out and chatted.

Got home from the movies and jumped online and played Minecraft with my bestie Chris for a few hours before making dinner and watching the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.. once again with my bestie Chris. 

It was a pretty great day today.

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