Saturday, November 3, 2012

Xbox, Abbey, Reba & Cookies

Today I woke up feeling the best I have felt in a while.. still not 100% but getting there. Spent most of the day watching TV.  My buddy Chris mentioned that I should play some Xbox and my friend Jen left a few games for me to play so I popped in LEGO Star Wars II and spent about two hours running around trying to figure out how to open doors and pull levers. It was fun but video games really aren't a favorite of mine when I'm playing them alone.

A few days ago I found out there was a Downton Abbey special called Downton Abbey: Behind the Drama and of course I had to find it.. which I did and I watch it and as you expected I loved it. It was interesting to hear from the creator, cast and crew of this hit TV show.

I also watched Reba McEntire's new comedy Malibu Country. I'm a huge Reba fan, love her music and her previous TV show called Reba. This is very much different from that series but it's just as funny. And a plus playing Reba's mom in a comedian icon who I have loved forever Lily Tomlin and she is hilarious as usual. I'm really looking forward to adding this new series to my weekly TV viewing.

Was feeling better toward the evening and was in the mode for something sweet. With all my marathons folks have left plenty of baking items at my house.. I figured I would have enough to make something. I went with peanut butter cookies as they are one of my favorites. I found a recipe online and went to check and see if I had everything and sure enough I did.  This would be the first time I have ever made cookies from scratch and after and hour I have to say they turned out pretty good. Would have liked a bit more peanut butter taste but they were good enough for me to each four of them right away.

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