Sunday, October 28, 2012

Searching for Motivation

Once again my "out of work" funk is beginning to rear it's ugly head. I hate feeling this way, as it's not like I have nothing to do while I am out of work. On the contrary I have so much do between prepping the house to be sold, podcasts and catching up on TV that should keep me busy 24/7.

But instead of getting stuff done I'm finding that I'm having to motivate myself to get little things done and it's tough. What is crazy is I know that the funk is coming, I know the laziness is coming and I know that I'll regret not getting all this stuff done while I had the time off (as I will be getting a job again hopefully soon).  It's the same pattern that I've fallen into the past few years. So you think that would be motivation enough to get things done.. but it's not. :(

Now I haven't been feeling 100% for a few weeks (physically) so that could be playing a part is my laziness and over all frump. I have a chronic condition that I don't talk about here, it causes some major pain and uncomfortableness everyday. The past 10 years it's been particularly bad and flairs up from time to time and it's hard to be motivated and get things done when your in pain.

Yesterday on Saturday I painted for 2 1/2 hours, which I'm very happy about. I took a break to eat some lunch and while on my lunch I like to try and catch up on a TV show. My intent was to go back out and do a few more hours of painting but that never happened. I pretty much stayed inside and worked on my websites and various other things on the net and watched a bit of TV. I assured myself that I would get more painting done tomorrow (Sunday).

Well Sunday happened and once again I went outside and painted for about 1 1/2 hours before coming inside to rest and once again I didn't go back outside to paint more. Instead I worked on the next Knights of the Guild podcast. I missed a month last month (which I hate doing) and October is almost over and I didn't want to miss another month so I took the time today to record, edit and post Knights of the guild episode #44.

And to end Sunday I had my online bro-date with my bestie Chris for our Once Upon a Time viewing. And as always it was fun watching this new episode with Chris and Once Upon a Time continues to be my favorite TV series on right now.

In the end the weekend wasn't a complete waste.. I did manage to get 4 hours of painting done and released a podcast... could have been worse. I really need to stop this funk before it takes hold fully.

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