Monday, October 29, 2012

First Viewing of Downton Abbey

Woke up not feeling so great, but knew I had to continue to push myself to get some stuff done. I did manage to get an hour and  45 minutes of painting done before grabbing some lunch and watching some TV. I recently acquired a few seasons of a show that has been getting alot of buzz the past year or so, Downton Abbey.

I really don't know much about it but alot of my friends on and off line love it so I figured I'd give it a go.  All I have to say is WOW!!!

Here are my tweets as I was watching:

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 2:35pm via Twitter for iPhone
Watching my first episode of Downton Abbey. S1 Ep 1 Let's see what all this hype is about :)

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 2:48pm via Twitter for iPhone
Ten minutes in and I'm already loving it. #DowntonAbbey

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 3:42pm via Twitter for iPhone
Downtown Abbey is FANTASTIC.. Moving on to episode 2 of season 1

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 4:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
Downton Abbey is so good and I'm only on Episode 2, not getting anything else done today.. I'm addicted. #DowntonAbbey

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 6:16pm via Twitter for iPhone
Moving on to episode 5 of season 1, yeah this day is lost :) #DowntonAbbey

Geekyfanboy Oct 29, 8:33pm via Twitter for iPhone
Now time for the season one finale of Downton Abbey. Watched all 7 episodes in one sitting.. So good

Thus the day was over. It was only 9:30pm when I finished and it took all my strength to not start watching season two as I knew I wouldn't stop and would be up for another 8 hours. So I'm saving that season for another day.

Downton Abbey lived up to and exceeded the hype in my opinion. It's pure drama, no elements of science fiction or fantasy. It's a history piece, the acting is superb, the characters are so well defined right off the bat. I never hated characters such as I did with O'Brian and Thomas. I loved Bates and Anna. There are so many characters and they are all fantastic and interesting. I would say it's a British soap opera but that seems to do it dis justice. It's not an over the top melodrama. It's just incredible... There was never a dull moment. It was fascinating to see the two different dichotomies in the house (upper class and lower class) and how they intermingled. 

British royalty has always interested me and I love this period in time for it's architecture and clothing, men were always so dashing and ladies so beautiful. 

This series truly is a masterpiece and I can't wait to watch Season 2 and see where these peoples lives are taken.

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  1. Yea, we were like "ooh, let's watch this Downton Abbey thing everyone is talking about" and we marathoned both seasons in about a week. So addictive and awesome and sometimes infuriating.

    Can't wait for season 3!