Friday, November 2, 2012

Downton Abbey Christmas & The IT Crowd

Still not feeling great but I did do some cleaning around the house.. I can't stand sitting on my butt when I have so much work to do.

For TV I watched Downton Abbey Christmas special and The IT Crowd.

I didn't even know about the Christmas special until I was looking at Wiki and noticed it after season two. I immediately had to find it to watch. This was the longest episode to date with a running time of 99 minutes. It picks up right where season two ended and I have to say it was incredible. This special felt more like season one did then two. The War now over the show got back to what it does best.. human drama. Everything about this special was.... well special. I think the Christmas theme added to me loving this even more as Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

I know I gush over Downton Abbey but honestly it's one of the best drama's out there.

(Spoilers) A big part of this episode was the Mr. Bates trial. You feel so bad for Bates and Anna, especially when he's convicted and sentence to be hung. I'm so happy they resolved the Mary and Sir Richards storyline which lead to the happy ending of Mary and Matthew finally coming together. I enjoyed the Daisy storyline, poor Daisy was always getting the shaft and she finally stood up for herself, looking forward to seeing where her story goes. And of course there is Thomas, if I do have a complaint about the show it's Thomas. I understand why they need this kind of character but honestly why would the family take him back after they know that he steals from them. I'm happy to see Miss O'Brian trying to separate herself from him. Don't get me wrong she's a horrible person but he just makes her worse. Maggie Smith is one of the best characters on the show. Every episode she makes me laugh, I can see why she won an Emmy for this role... just love her.  (End Spoilers)

Now I must wait for Season 3, it's currently finishing it's run over in the UK, so hopefully the US will get it soon, or I'll have to find it by other means. I'm also planning on purchasing the DVD's for Season 1 & 2, and 3 when it comes out..  I can watch this show over and over and never be bored.

After Downton I continued with The IT Crowd. My buddy Jen introduced me to this series a while ago and we watched season one together. I watched a few episode of season two a few months later but I haven't been back to it since. So tonight I finished off my night with watching the rest of season 2 and half of season 3.

Such a funny show, of course Moss is my favorite but Roy is a close second. I wish they would just stay with those characters. I'm not a fan of the stand alone Jen stories.. I like her best when she interacts with the two guys and I hate the owner of the company.. I could do without him completely. 

I still have half of season of 3 and season 4 before my IT goodness runs out. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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  1. I didn't like Chris Morris when he was the owner of the company. He felt like he was acting in a different show. I did like his son (Matt Berry?) though. He was just weird and surreal enough but still fit in the tone of the show for me. I think Jen can be really funny but I do agree, the show is at it's strongest when all three are bumping off each other