Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Today was not a good to be traveling and visiting family.. While I was having lunch with my Dad my phone started to go berserk with tweets and facebook postings. First one I read was Breaking News tweet.. "Disney Buys Lucasfilm"... I was pretty shocked. I told my dad and he said.. oh that explains your phone going crazy. As I read through the tweets and facebook posts I started to see comments about Disney making Star Wars Episode VII and my heart soared.

I was six/seven when the first Star Wars came out. I remember seeing it many times in the drive in with my family. It made me the geek that I am today. It's the reason I love science fiction and fantasy. I remember having to wait a few years for Empire Strikes Back and then a few more years for Revenge, I mean Return of the Jedi.

I remember when George said this was the middle trilogy and that he'd be making the first three and then the last three for a total of nine movies to complete the Star Wars Story... I was super excited. Time passed and nothing was being made.. I figured that these three movies were going to be it and I was cool with that as I totally love these movies.

Then in the 90's we got word that George was making episodes I, II and III and I was super excited. We were getting more Star Wars. The down side was that he mentioned that he would not be making the final three movies episodes VII, VIII, IX. So what was going to be an nine part story arch turned into a six part story arch and I was cool with that.

Then the three movies came out and fans either loved or hated the prequels. I loved them.. all of them and I enjoyed all the new characters, yes even Jar Jar.

Now when the news broke about Disney buying Lucasfilm and making more Star Wars movie, some of my online "friends" freaked out and were appalled and said this is the death of Star Wars... Kind of got the same reaction when the prequels came out and folks kept saying "Lucas rapped their childhood".  I say.. WHATEVER to them. I hate when people say they hate something and nothing has been seen or done yet. The mere fact that Disney owns Star Wars they feel it's going to be bad. How stupid do you have to be.

First of all I love Disney and everything they do. Disney purchased The Muppets and brought them back into the limelight and made them successful again. Disney purchased Marvel and we got all the cool super heroes movies that escalated into the best movie of the summer The Avengers. Disney folks are not stupid, they are not going to change Star Wars. Disney knows what the fans like and won't change things if they are working.

I love the idea of Disney taking over, I think this is the best thing that could have happened to Lucasfilms and Star Wars. They are going to be using treatments that Lucas wrote for episodes VII, VIII, and IX many years ago. Lucas is still staying on as an consultant, I mean it is his world.

I really liked this tweet from Kevin Smith  "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was told there'd be nine STAR WARS movies. 35 years later, the last 3 are finally happening!"

Honestly I didn't think we'd see this within the lifetime of Lucas.. glad I was wrong. I can't wait until 2015 when we get Star Wars Episode VII. I know I'll be in line hours, if not days before it starts. And I already know I'm going to love it because it's Star Wars.

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