Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LOTR Tattoo - One Week Later

Well it's been a week since I got my Lord of the Rings tattoo and I have to say that's it's healing great. I mean it's itching like crazy but that's a good sign. Another week of maintenance and it should be good to go.

It's funny I was checking out my tattoo in the mirror and I noticed that my Hogwarts tattoo (on my other arm) is a little lower then this one and me being super anal, it kind of bugged me. When I was getting the tattoo I was so focusing so much on making sure it was center on my arm and all I didn't think about it being symmetrical to my other tattoo on the other arm. Honestly it's not a big deal and if it was there is nothing I can do about it now.. it's not like I can take it off and move it down a few inches :)

I'm already getting excited for the fourth Tattoo which I'll be getting next year. It's going to be a Star Trek thing and it's going on my left calf as I have Star Wars (R2D2) on my right calf. Just have to come up with what I want. I know it's going to be Borg related.. just have to work out the details.

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