Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twilight & Christmas Tree

Aaron and I got up around 9am, I made some breakfast and we watched Mockingbird Land. As Aaron had not seen it yet and I am saving it on my DVR. After that we started to watch.. yep you guess it.. another Lifetime Christmas special (it's a sickness :)).

He left around 11am and I bummed around the house and flipped the channels and noticed that Twilight was about to start. Now I haven't seen a single Twilight movie, which is strange since I'm into most things that are pop-culture. I did read/listen to the first book while commuting and enjoyed it and I've always wanted to watch the movies. So I figured since I caught it at the beginning I would take the few hours and watch it.

Of course I tweeted that I was watching Twilight for the first time and as expected received several response like "don't go to the darkside", or "don't rot your brain". There seems to be this negative stereotype that goes along with these books/movies... I never understood it. Lucky for me I don't care what people say, I like to judge things for myself. I still get flack because of my love for the Star Wars prequel... and yes regardless of what you say, I am still a true Star Wars fans even if I do love those movies.

Anyways back to Twilight, like I said I read the first book so I kind of had an idea where the story was going. And I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining, fun, had some cool effects. It was your typical popcorn movie. It was cool to see how they portrayed the various characters compared to the book. They also cut quite a bit of the book out of the movie, but that's to be expected as this is an adaptation. I enjoyed it so much so that I want to see the sequels (and in fact recorded New Moon, which was airing next). I can see me buying the movies on blu ray in the future. Would I call myself Twihard... not yet :), but I am defiantly a fan and look forward to reading the rest of the books and seeing the other movies.

I could have watched the next Twilight movie but I really wanted to get something done so I put up my Christmas Tree and decorated it. It was nice because it was cold outside so I started a fire as I decorated the tree. I hope to get the rest of the house decorations up in the next few days. I'll post pictures when everything is done. I love Christmas.. it's my favorite time of the year.

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