Friday, November 23, 2012

Podcasts, Hobbits & Screeners... Oh My!!

Today was a fairly productive day. I spent a good six or seven hours working on the next two episodes of my MASH 4077 Podcast. Got them edited and uploaded and ready to go with show notes and all.

Peter Jackson released a ninth production blog, this time it was all about post production, and for me being a post super it was a lot of fun seeing how they go about things in post. All nine of these videos are amazing and so informative. I do hope these production videos wind up on the Blu ray when it comes out. I'm super stoked about seeing the Hobbit in a few weeks (Dec. 3rd). It's going to be AMAZING...

And just when I thought I was only getting that one screener (Amour) this week I checked my mail and sure enough there were two more.. Flight and a movie I was actually considering going to the theater this weekend to see because I wanted to see it so much Rise of the Guardians. Super excited to sit down and watch that one. Flight wasn't on my list to see but I'll watch it if one of my friends wants to watch it with me.

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