Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disneyland With My Buddies

Today I went to Disneyland with my buddies Brett and Troy. This all started with Brett tweeting that he needed to go to Disneyland soon. I responded with "when". So we planned it out and I put it out there on Twitter that I was going and my friend Troy said he wanted to join us.

So I got to the park at 10am and made my way to Downtown Disney where Brett was waiting for me. My annual pass expired in August and I have been waiting for renew it until I went back.. so today is the day. I renewed my premium annual pass for another year.

We headed to Disneyland first and our first ride was Star Tours as the wait was only 5 minutes, we then went over to Space Mountain to get a fast pass but it was only a 10 minute wait so we rode that next. We did stop by Star Tours and grabbed a fast pass for that to ride later in the day. We were hungry and it's kind of a tradition for me when I go to Disneyland to get a Corn Dog or two from the Little Red Wagon. It's been a while since Brett had a corn dog and was up for it so we headed over and grabbed some lunch. While we were eating my buddy Troy called and said he was on his way. So we waited for him before heading back out into the park.

I'm not going to go ride by ride.. but we walked around both Disneyland and Disney California Adventures for the next 10 hours. Some highlights were walking pass The Indiana Jones ride which I was told was going to be closed down until the new year, I was bummed as it's one of my favorite rides... but when we walked by there was a line, so we grabbed a fast pass and later in the evening, we rode it. Another cool things was that I never knew about the Winnie the Pooh ride until my friend Troy asked if I had ever ridden it... so we rode that. The park was not busy at all.. I think the longest line we stood in was 20 minutes.  It was awesome seeing both parks all decked out for Christmas. And seeing Car's Land all Christmas-fied for the first time was pretty cool. And for our final ride of the evening we did Radiator Spring Racers. I've only done them one other time and when we did it we didn't race anyone, which was a bummer. But this time we did race and it was so much fun... we won btw.

It was a fun filled day spent at one of the happiest places on Earth with two good friends.. couldn't ask for anything more.

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