Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Screeners, Podcasts and Buffy

Today is 12/12/12.. how cool is that.

I got several screeners today. Silver Lining Playback, Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln. Never heard of Sliver Lining Playback and barely know what Zero Dark Thirty is.. but the one I really wanted to see and was super excited to get a screener of was Lincoln. I'm a huge Sally Fields fan so I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

I worked on the next Knights of the Guild podcast. I gotta get these done before I head off to Montana for the end of December. Should have to done and ready to be released by tomorrow.

During the evening I headed to my buddy Robert's place for Dinner and Buffy. Still working through season 3 and watched Helpless, The Zeppo and Bad Girls.  Helpless was a really good episode, it was cool to see Buffy have to be Buffy without her powers. I did think that she forgave Giles a little to quickly but I was a good relationship builder between the two of them.

The Zeppo was an interesting episode. The main story revolved around Zander and his shenanigans and the background story was the hell mouth opening up again and the team (except Xander) saving the world. It was kind of funny yet very odd that this big event happened and we did not follow it as the main action.  I'm not a huge fan of Xander but I didn't mind him so much in this episode.

Bad Girls is the beginning of the downward spiral that Faith takes in season 3. We get introduced Wesley as Buffy's new watcher and we get to see a different side of Buffy. Big changes are coming to Buffy and this is just the beginning..

So today was a good day.. got some screeners, got a podcast done and spent the ending watching Buffy with one of my favorite people.

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