Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Screeners, Hiking & Buffy Time

Jackpot today on screeners.. with one delivery I got four movies in one package. Anna Karenia, which I do know a little about and want to see so I was excited to see that in the pile. Hyde Park on Hudson, is something that I had never heard of.. I did look it up and it stars Bill Murry as President Roosevelt, the movie is due out this Friday. Promised Land stars Matt Damon and isn't coming out until early Jan 2013 and ParaNorman which I do know and have seen many commercials. Anna Karenia and ParaNorman are the two that I wouldn't mind seeing.. the other two I would see if someone wants to watch them with me.. but I wouldn't put them on and watch them if I was by myself.

Finally after rainy crappy weather it was very nice out today so I decided to head to Vasquez Rocks to go for a hike. I had planned to do a thirty minute hike but it turned into an hour.. it was just so nice outside and it was beautiful at Vasquez.. I really do need to take advantage of this more as it's in my back yard.

For the evening I headed down to my buddy Robert's place to watch some Buffy. Got there around 6pm and we walked to Taco Bell to get some dinner. We started with S3 Ep8 "Lover's Walk". This was a huge episode as the Xander/Willow love thing finale gets resolved. We see the return of Spike and poor Cordelia almost dies. I really enjoyed this episode. We then moved on to S3 Ep9 "The Wish", this episode introduces one of my favorite "regular" characters Anya. It's cool to see what Sunnydale would look like if Buffy never came to town... I like these "What if" kind of episodes. Our third episode that we watched was S3 Ep10 "Amends".  Again I liked this episode.. got a lot of emo Angel, but they did introduce us to the first evil which we see again in future seasons. It was cool to see Jenny (kind of) again. Not my favorite episode of the night but fun. And our final episode of the night was S3 Ep11 "Gingerbread". This episode was all about a Witchhunt. It was okay.. again not a favorite of mine but an okay way to end the evening.

As always had a fantastic time hanging with my buddy Robert.. love our Bro-Dates.

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