Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Screeners and Cards

Today I got Skyfall and Hitchcock screeners. I know Skyfall is the current Bond movie but I'm not a huge Bond fan. I mean I haven't even seen Danial Craig as Bond yet, but since I have the screener I do plan to watch this one. I hear that's it's pretty good. I really don't know anything about Hitchcock...I mean I assume it's a biopic about Alfred Hitchcock. Doesn't sound like my kind of movie but if one of my friends want to watch it I'll give it a go.

I also got my first Christmas card of the season. I use to get tons of cards but the past few years there has been fewer and fewer. Maybe it's because I no longer send cards out. I did cards for years and years and stopped a few years ago as I just didn't have the time. Maybe it's Christmas card karma.. I have to give one to get one. Anyways.. Thanks Janna for this AWESOME card. It's hand made and it's Star Wars.. two of my favorite things. It made my day.

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