Friday, January 11, 2013

First Week of Work

Today ends my first week at the new job. It's been some long hours 8 to 8 (including commute) and I'm trying to adjust to working Monday through Friday. Still having some sleeping issues and I don't have much energy once I'm home to do anything really productive.

I'm liking the people alot, some really fun co-workers. I'm still struggling with the post edit schedule which I have done four or five versions and none of them seem to work. Will pick that back up Monday and hopefully find a solution.

I also got a flu shot on my lunch break. I've been watching the news and hearing about this flu epidemic. They are saying that this strain is one of the harshest they have seen in years and it's actually killing people. I've gotten flu shots in the past but I haven't gotten one the past two years. I went to a local Walgreen's and was surprised to see that they had a wait. There were about six or seven people ahead of me. They said that the shot won't take effect for two weeks, but lucky for us here in LA the flu hasn't hit as hard as it has all over the U.S. so I am hoping I don't catch it before the shot can do it's work. Folks at my office have been and are still sick so wish me luck.

When I got home from work I jumped on LOTRO with my bud Chris and played for a few hours. It's just want I needed to decompress after a long work week. Hanging with my best bud did the trick and I ended my night on a high.

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