Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Job!!!

Today is the first day of my new job. I've been out of work for several months now so it's nice to be working again. I'm working as the Post Production Supervisor on the second season of a showed for Oxygen called "I'm Having Their Baby". It's produced by Hud:Sun Media. I've never worked with this company so everything is new to me. They have been editing for a few weeks already so I'm coming into a show and hitting the ground running. I'm happy to say that where I am working is only half of my commute (about an hour) from my previous job. I'm working at Atlas Media in Los Angeles (Universal City). It's a nice building and so far everyone seems to be very friendly. As usual my first job is working on the post schedule. This is a very tedious job. It's mapping when Editors start and stop, when episodes are edited, when outputs are done and when we online footage. It's alot of juggling and it's constantly changing.

Spent most of the day being introduced to people and just trying to wrap my head around all that was going on. There were lots of issues and questions from folks that I was trying to answer. I put out a few fires already. This is going to be one crazy job.. I'm hoping things settle down once I get the lay of the land.. but I have a feeling that's not going to be the case.

But in the end it's a job. I will work hard and do my very best. I will try and not let things get me stressed. Again it's only a job.

Came in at 8:30am.. didn't get to lunch until 3pm and didn't get off work until 8pm.. was a very busy first day.

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  1. Very happy you are working again! :) JL