Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's All About MASH

Today I was determined to finish my next MASH podcast. It's due to be released in a few days and I wasn't going to let LOTRO distract me any more. I spent the next three hours editing away and got to a point where I couldn't go any further. Since my hard drive died last month and all my podcast material was on it, this included my MASH episodes so I don't have any episode audio to use. I did manage to find an episode online for the last MASH podcast but it had a laugh track and it was so distracting and horrible but I was in a pinch and had to use it. This time around I wasn't going to use the poor audio so I figured I'd go out and purchase season 3 on DVD. First place I looked was Costco, I had heard they had the DVD's for $10, but alas my Costco didn't have any DVD's of any kind. I grabbed a bite to eat from El Pollo Loco before going up the hill to Target. Once again they didn't have any MASH episodes on DVD, not even the box set of the entire series (which I considered getting). My next stop was Walmart but they only had seasons 10 & 11 on DVD. I was starting to worry. I knew I could buy the boxsets online but if I wanted them quick I'd have to pay for faster shipping.

There as one more place to look Best Buy. Again they had seasons 10 & 11 but no 3 :( . I didn't give up that easy I walked up and down each aisle just in case they were in a "special" section and sure enough I found more seasons and one DVD left for season 3. It's regular price was $35 and I didn't really care but this week it was on sale for $9.99... SCORE!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention when I was at Target I picked up a curling iron... no it's not for my hair.. well it is in a way, it's for my Hobbit wig. It needs a good curling and instead of borrowing a curling iron (and so far I couldn't find a friend who had one) I figured I'm going to be cos-playing as a Hobbit (as it's my thing) for a while and will be in need of one every so often.

With DVD in hand I headed home. That little adventure took a few hours and it was now close to 7pm. It took me an hour or so to figure out how to import the episodes off of the DVD without the  laugh tracks but in the end I got the episode imported into the Avid and another few hours my MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 50 was complete.

And to reward myself I played a little LOTRO before going to bed.

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